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DIY Alternative Guest Books Ideas

Traditional Style wedding guest book is usually signatures of all the guests and loved ones invitied to the wedding, however, we are heading towards the 22nd century soon and the old traditions should be replaced with the brainstorming ones, how about creating DIY alternative guests books with the Jenga pieces, cubes, polarized photos trees/garlands,cardboard signatures of guests on the tree glued on the wooden,thumb print cards, all these alternatives guests books are easy to do yourself and they can be incorporated easily within the wedding decor over the table, outside the wedding venue and any place where the event is being placed.

DIY Awesome Personalized Frame Guest book:

This drop top frame sign book looks great for the wedding day, it goes well for any wedding theme whether it is nautical, beach or simple. Tiny hearts have small messages which can be customized for making your DIY Alternative wooden guest book. I would say that incorporating wooden frame sign books is idea, it has rustic appeal but the heart symbolize love between the newly-wed.

Personalized wooden frame with wooden heart guest book is a great option, you can hang it anywhere to greet your guests, all they need to do is write their messages with the names on the wooden shaped hearts and put it back in the frame. Instead of only having their signatures you will have their messages written on the hearts and you could save all the wood hearts as great memories. You can just hang this guest book elsewhere in the room when the ceremony is over.

DIY Nautical and Beach theme book:

This is a great alternative to traditional style wedding guest book, it has great ideas that will suit your love for the water, sea, ocean, sailing, surfing, and natural rocks. Have your guests to write their messages on the wooden sail boat and then keep your boat for surfing with your husband, it would be fun. Have some rocks on the table instead of the book for your guests to write their name on, these painted rocks would be great reminder of your wedding. Moreover, a surf board guest-book is just a brain storming idea instead of traditional one, just let them sign the surf board for you. The same can be done on the anchor.

DIY Blessing box for newly weds:

Have four or more photos of the bride and groom on all the four sides of the blessing box guest book and then place it on the table, the guests can write their message with their name and put their message inside the wooden blessing box.

DIY Creative alternative to the traditional guest books:

Place several teeny tiny sized printed fabrics cut in square, circles or rectangular shaped, place all the fabric pieces on the table and try to have more than 10 colors. The guest scan write their name with the message on the fabric pieces, which you could stitch later for making a nice quilt. Is it not unique?

DIY Guest Serving tray:

Buy a nice serving tray for all the guests to write their messages on.

Creative Frame wedding guest book Alternative:

Wooden pieces would carry the messages from the guests, well these ones are cut from the wooden, you can have the ready ones made from oakwood, log or any other wood that you believe would stand the test of the time.

Rustic Wedding Guest Quilt :

Have your guests write messages on the quilt fabric and use all the pieces later for making a nice pillowcase, quilt or anything that you could keep as a memory of guest book with all the important messages saved inside.


Creative Puzzle wedding Guest-book design:

Have a designer to make a nice photo or picture or scene puzzle for you, now scatter all the pieces in a tray and let your guest sign each piece, save all the puzzle pieces and use them to complete the picture whenever you have time.

DIY Jenga Block Guestbook design:

Wooden Jenga blocks make a nice signature book for the guest books. Jenga blocks are usually made with the pinewood so they stand the test of the time, if you want to have all the messages saved in one tumbling tower, you can buy the tallest tower that have more blocks for the guests. You can always keep these blocks signed by your guests as your wedding memories.

Modern Terrarium Guest books:

Geometric glass terrariums are easily available on the stores these days, just place decorative cards for the guests to sign their name or signature and then put those messages back in the terrarium. You can keep the terrarium and decorate it with the beads, plants or anything that suits your mood and hobby.

Music themed Alternative book for the wedding:

If you love music like rock-roll, jazz, hip hop, classic alternative rock or old classic just buy some music CDS that can be played on the turntable, or a wooden guitar or any music instrument that has wooden structure to be signed by your guests.

DIY Polaroid Wedding photos guest-book:

You can incorporate a chalkboard instead of the guest books for your guests to write their blessings on or else a nice wooden frame with the photos of your family or your guests, some Polaroid photos’s back can be used for the guests and then you can use a nice thread to piece all together to keep their memories. It would be fun to have pics of your guests with their names on the back in your collection of wedding memories.

Signature tree book:

So easy to make a nice tree with the paper cut tree, and have your guests sign each heart for you for making a tree book, it is a unique decorative ornament that you can hang on your wall, in the room where you will share your memories with your husband.

Monogram guest book:

Monogram or name initials of both the bride and grooms can be used as the signature boards and then kept as a nice wedding memory, the name initial can be mounted don the wall for decor as well.

Guest book Wooden signs:

Any old, rustic pallet wood board can be used for this purpose, just have a white paint marker for the guests, the paint marker has to be special, it has to be a permanent color. There are wooden markers sold on the market that you’d need for the day. If you want to incorporate a nice cutting board instead it would also work.

Wine Barrel guest book idea:

Use a nice wine barrel either filled or empty, on one side of the barrel it should be your name and on the other side it should be your husband’s name printed, now the rest of the guests’ names could go elsewhere all around the wine barrel and it would make a nice alternative wedding guest book.

Wine Bottle Book:

Buy two nice wines and let’s your guests sign with the glitter on each. These glass wine bottles would become a nice decorative ornament for you to keep and decorate your home with.

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