DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards

Diy hammock stands (2)

Having a hammock in your garden is a big blessing. It can be quite relaxing to sit in the hammock during day time and swing it back and forth, watching the birds fly in the morning and staring at the stars at night. Hammock is a functional commodity to have in your home, you can spend your time in the garden area for reading books, talking on the phone or working on the laptop.

Surprisingly, now you can make a hammock stand yourself by using cypress, cedar or simple wood timbers, or using steel pipes. I am sharing some DIY hammock stands ideas which are educational. If you have ever wanted to make a DIY hammock stand for years, now you can finally do it without spending a big amount of money.

Make A DIY hammock stand under $40

Would it be nice to make a stand within the budget you have. Here is the tutorial for the stand, it is easy. If you have no trees to hang your hammock, you might want to use wood to make supportive poles for making a nice support for the hammock.

DIY hammock stands 3- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards


Assembling the beams for making an Indoor DIY hammock

Indoor hammock is comfortable when it has proper support in form of stand. Those net like hammocks are not very easy to hang to the ceiling which are being sold on the internet these days. What if the ceiling is too high to hang the hammock in the first place? Check this tutorial for making a stand for an indoor hammock.

DIY hammock stands 2- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards

Bobvila Camping DIY hammock

If those big net hammocks aren’t your choice, you might want to make a nice DIY hammock stand for camping purposes or for your backyard.Why to spend money when you can do it better yourself.

diy hammock stand10- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards

Happy Hammock Stand

If you want to make a sturdy stand this summer, you just need some big beams to work with. This stand is made of cedar.

DIY hammock stands 7- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards

DIY pipe stand

Wood is not the only thing you can use for making a stand for your indoor or outdoor hammock, now there is pipe as well which is a better choice than the wood for being stronger than cedar or typical wood timbers.

DIY hammock stand11- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards

DIY Post stand

Sometimes, there is nothing complicated to do when there are two posts available to support the hammock. Yes, you can just make a stand using posts and hang the hammock between them.

DIY hammock stands 6- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards

Using Big Beams

Here is a tutorial on how to glue and drill big beams to make a stand which will stand the test of time.

DIY hammock stands 4- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards

Portable one

When a stand is fixed it cannot be moved unless it is portable. The benefit of portable hammock stand is that you can take it anywhere. If you are bored of sitting in the living room, you can move the stand to the backyard and have your good time. It is made of pipe, you can take it to the camp site as well.

DIY hammock stand9- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards

Video tutorial

You can learn it way more easily by watching this video.

Animated Tutorial

It shows how many lumbers you will need and how to connect those to make a perfect stand without failing.

Building a hammock stand- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards



Sawn treated wood

diy hammock stands- DIY Hammock Stands for Gardens or Yards


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