Selecting Entryway Storage Benches with Coat Racks

Contemporary style storage bench with coat racks having hooks basket drawers on the storage unit

Having an entryway storage bench with coat racks is good if you have habit of taking off the coat, shawls and scarves after entering the home. There are different styles, shapes and sizes of storage benches these days. Some have drawers in which you can store your keys and journals, some come with extra storage compartments along with hooks on which you can hang your clothing items.

There are different advantages of entryway storage benches with coat racks, the first is that you can store about anything in them. They sometimes come with a two or three extra storage racks on which shoes can be arranged and sorted out in the order. Instead of storing your shoes, winter boots and high thigh pumps in the wardrobes, you can store all of them onto the storage racks which are available on the bench. This way you can wear them on the spot before leaving the home and take them off right after entering your home.

Storage benches with coat racks are very functional as well, you can hang on your clothing items on them easily when you enter your home. Your clothing items will be easily accessible as well for being stored onto the hooks. The idea place to keep the bench is the entryway or hall way, however, you can place them under the stairs or in any place where you believe they would be easily accessible.

Depending on the design and shapes of the storage bench, there might be two or three hooks for the coats and clothing or more. In most cases, the long and vertical style storage benches are the most space saving storage solution for the entryway and hallway because they do not take much of the space. However if you have some more space in your home, you might consider buying a storage bench that comes with basket drawers and big cabinets as well besides one seat. Some designs of the benches are different, they are designed in two sections, one is used as the storage compartment with racks and storage drawers included in the design and the section second is different it is mounted on the wall, it usually has hooks for keys and racks for hanging coats/scarves etc.

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