Choosing a DIY False Ceiling design Project

Choosing a DIY False Ceiling design for Personal Project

Choosing a DIY False Ceiling design Project

Many DIY false ceiling design projects are available. These are projects that you can undertake on your own with assistance from a family member. Choosing to install a false ceiling under the true ceiling can no doubt improve the value of your home in addition to improving the appearance of your interiors. Even so, there are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a false ceiling design project.

Design – Modern false ceilings are available in different sizes, styles, colours and texture. It is very important that you only choose a design of the right size and in a style that matches the style of your rooms. It is also important that you choose a false ceiling in a colour that either compliments or contrasts your interior paint colours.

Design depends on your budget. Just put the cash on table and go for the right set for the space. If you cannot afford to pay for highly expensive glass scones, who is asking you to install them? You are in control of everything and your decision will definitely determine the final cost of your own home’s interior decor project. Be wise and open mind when choosing the design. Some go for the old style lighting which where shown in the old movies- well these are not bad when it comes to create a true ambiance but keep in mind that they impart a better impression when installed with a nice colored theme in the area.

Living room with purple velvet sofa set, white sheers and matching false ceiling

White bedroom decor with gray false ceiling

Installation – Modern false ceilings are produced by different manufactures. Ease of installation is very critical. Because this is a DIY false ceiling design project, you need to choose a false ceiling that is easy to install. Choose a ceiling that you can easily install using simple tools in the house.

Elegant brown and yellow false ceiling with chandelier

Living room plus kitchen decor with Tray False ceiling design with lights

Access – One reason why you may need to install a false ceiling is to hide pipes and ducts left exposed under or along the true ceiling. Installing a false ceiling does not mean that such ducts will no longer be accessed. A time comes when they have to be accessed for repairs. It is therefore very important that you choose a false ceiling design that provides for easy access to the systems. In this respect, you may need to consider installing false ceiling tiles that can easily be removed when necessary.

White living room sofa with elegant white ceiling and wood flooring

Elegant white false ceiling design ideas

Sag resistance – False ceiling tiles are installed to hang below the true ceiling. This means that they are susceptible to sagging. It becomes very necessary that you choose a false ceiling made of a material that is not susceptible to sagging. It is also of great benefit if the material is fire and moisture resistant.

Living room decor with ambient lights in false ceiling and white sectional sofa set

Black furniture set and tray false ceiling design idea for modern living room decor

Living room with purple velvet sofa set, white sheers and matching false ceiling

Installing a false ceiling in your house goes a long way in making your interiors habitable and cozy and taking the above factors into account will help you in choosing the best DIY false ceiling design project for your interiors.


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