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Beautyberry Fast Growing Shrubs In Garden

Fast Growing Shrubs for Garden Privacy and Shrub Hedges

Fast growing shrubs could be pretty much helpful in creating great looking privacy hedges, garden edges and privacy screens in the landscapes. Nurturing to these fast growing plants can be really fun, you know that they will grow fast when are fed nicely. If you are wondering what type of shrubs grow faster in the garden, this list should help you.

Cotoneaster; fast growing shrubs
Cotoneaster is one of the most beautiful fast growing shrubs with dense branches, it exhibits stem shoots that come from the branches having an intense pattern called “Herringbone pattern” which also happen to be very popular in landscaping, interior decoration, and brick artwork on the exterior walls. Cotoneaster’s make a nice contrast with its shinny red berries which make a nice combo with the bristles of the shrub. Is it not is cool to have a fast growing shrub in the garden which bears berry.
Red Twig Dogwood: reddish bark fast growing shrubs
Red Twig dogwood is another fast growing shrubs whose hedges have nice bloom, beautiful and makeover to increase the garden aesthetics. Red twig dogwood bears nice leaves, flowers, berries, though all of these features disappear during winter months but this fast growing shrub does not lose its reddish beauty which compliment the landscape. Red twig dogwood is known for its reddish bark, if you grow it in cold months, the snow flakes would make a nice contrast with the red bark of red twig dogwood for creating an unimaginable image in your outdoor garden. Trust me, your garden will turn into a red and white wonderland under snow fall.
Lilacs: fast growing purple shrubs
Lilacs are another fast growing shrubs which are known for their true colors and delight, these shrubs have a beauty to lend to the garden. As name suggests, this shrubs bears very nice and pleasing lavender, blue and lilac flowers which grow in dense cluster during spring season. The fragrance from fast growing lilacs stand out on its own and is really unwatchable.If you intend to make garden edging using colors, lilacs should be chosen because not are they fast growing shrub but also very intricate and colorful.
Beautyberry:fast growing garden shrub
Beautyberries are very fast growing shrubs which can be used for creating small shrub hedging or creative garden edging, however, these shrubs need some maintenance. You might need to prune a foot off from the beautyberry shrub during the spring. The plants bears nice purple colored berries, and cute violet flowers during summer months, if you want to create a tropical environment in the garden, beautyberry could be your best fast growing shrubs for creating a nice, warm garden makeover.
Arborvitae: garden privacy screen and hedges
Arbovitae are another on the list of fast growing shrubs for the garden, these shrubs grow in very nice size and they bloom in dark green color which is so noticeable from a large distance as well. If you want to add garden privacy screens, arborvitae shrubs could be the best choices for you, they grow in pretty long sizes which makes them good for hedges. Not only are arborvitae fast growing shrubs but also they are very green, their emerald green color merges well in the garden decor. These fast growing shrubs provide a nice coverage in the garden hence they can be considered for dense garden privacy screens. They can grow twelve feet tall or more, they are also very wide particular when they are mature.
Hemlock; fast growing garden shrubs
Hemlocks are another on the list of fast growing shrubs, they are known for their longevity, beauty, green blooms, sometimes they are also known as evergreen conifers.They grow very fast, they can turn taller up to the level of the tree, they can reach up to eighty feet or more in height. They are good for garden privacy screens and hedges. Do not worry though these shrubs grow fast but they do not much of maintenance, they do not look messy and tolerate the shade very well.
Burning Bush: Fast growing autumn shrubs
Burning brush are another fast growing shrubs, they grow so fast on their own without much struggle and help. They shines best during autumn season, their foliage exhibits cool colors like reds, pinks, and oranges which make these shrubs so impressive in the garden landscape. They have nice scent to add to the outdoor beauty besides colors. They make good garden hedges and privacy screens. Sumac is another one of the most known burning bush alternative for the list of fast growing shrubs, if you do not want burning bush for some reason, sumac could be chosen for hedges, privacy screens, and gardening.


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Red Twig Dogwood Fast Growing Shrubs For Garden Screen Privacy

Red twig dogwood fast growing shrubs for garden screen privacy

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Lilacs Fast Growing Shrubs For Garden Purple Flowers

Lilacs fast growing shrubs for garden purple flowers

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Garden Privacy Screns Fast Growing Shrub Arborvitae Long Tree

Garden privacy screns fast growing shrub arborvitae long tree

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