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How to Choose Firewood Storage Shed Plans

Luckily, there are many firewood storage shed plans on the Internet that you can download and use to construct your firewood storage shed.

Constructing an outdoor fireplace can be a clever way of beating the cold especially during winter. Indeed doing so allows you to extend amount of time you spend outdoors. Having an outdoor fireplace is also beneficial considering that you have an outdoor place you can always retreat to as a family to enjoy your late evenings.

Having an outdoor fireplace that uses wood as source of energy requires that you always make use of dry firewood. An outdoor fireplace will only be efficient if you make use of dry firewood that easy to catch fire to produce sufficient heat. You therefore need to construct a firewood storage shed near the fireplace. Such should be a storage shed that protects your firewood from such adverse weather conditions as cold and rain. L

The fact that there are many shed plans can make it difficult choosing the best. This is because the plans are designed for fireplaces of different designs, sizes and fireplace materials. Below is just a simple guide to help you choose fireplace storage shed plan that will serve you best.


A good fireplace storage shed plan should be accompanied by a guide that informs you about the necessary materials, tools and time it will take you to construct the firewood storage shed. The guide should clearly show you the best types of boards and other materials to use in addition to tips that help you during construction. Such a guide should also inform you how to mix concrete and cement for laying the fireplace’s foundation.


Good fireplace storage shed plans are available with guides that give you step-by-step instructions on how to start building the storage shed. A good plan should have a guide that shows you how to cut the separate boards and planks of wood that you will eventually join together to form a shed. This includes how to measure and cut wooden beams, posts and how to install floor joints.

Roofing in Firewood Storage Shed Plans

In addition to informing you on the best materials to use in constructing a firewood storage shed, a good plan should have a guide that shows you how to construct the roofing. A good plan will always make necessary provisions on the roof to protect against rain from the sides. Such a plan should also show you how to stain the firewood shed so as to protect it against weather elements.

Firewood storage shed plans are readily available on the Internet for download. While most are available as free downloads, there are others that you have to pay for before every download. You may consider paying for one considering that such are usually made available by firms and individuals who take their time to design detailed and accurate plans.

A very important issue you need to consider after downloading and using a plan is to ascertain your local authority’s building code. Note that you may need to take a plan you plan to use to your local building department for approval before you can be allowed to begin constructing your fireplace storage shed.

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