Floating Wall Shelves VS Traditional Shelving Racks

Decorative floating glass shelves in living room for artwork display

Traditional style shelves come with complicated brackets which usually get in the way of installation. You have to fix it over and over, on the contrary, floating wall shelves come with very useful and secretive brackets which help the installation easy for us. There are many designs in these shelves, the most common ones are floating wooden shelves and floating glass shelves.

Here are four differences between Floating Wall Shelves VS Traditional Shelves.

Brackets: As depicted above traditional shelves brackets are hard to work with, they are not very sturdy and beautiful when come in the way. Whenever you fix it and feel that the shelves are now in right position, it goes back to the its previous desultory position. On the other hand, floating wall shelves come with nice internal brackets which hides behind the shelving when installed.

Compact look: Traditional wall shelves do not look impressive, they look clumsy and tacky white floating wall shelves look trendy and classy, they feel like as if they are floating in the air, at first sight you might feel that these floating wall shelves may come down but in reality they are stronger than the traditional style shelves which are supported by screws and brackets. Floating

Install anywhere: Traditional shelves cannot be installed anywhere, they could look disastrous when installed in small rooms and are decorated with few items whereas floating wall shelves look way better in their look, they do not look and feel overcrowded even you put a lot of decorative items or accessories on them. They can be installed in over the kitchen countertops for holding cutlery, glass plates and utensils.  Floating shelves can be installed in the corner of the bathroom for storing bath towels, shampoos, and perfumes and everything you have in the bathroom.

Storing Heavy items: You cannot store heavy items, machines, decorative glass vases,and metal paintings over traditional style shelves whereas you  can store all of these items on floating wall shelves and racks easily.  You might be thinking how can you store on floating wall shelves while they are not supported by any external support, the thing is they are installed screws in the walls and their internal brackets are made from good material which support the shelves nicely. With their strong design, you can trust them with your accessories, just put store and decorate any heavy item on floating shelves. However, heavy item does not mean you can store concrete vases over them.

Floating wooden shelves are making quite a big buzz these years, they add more value to the aesthetic of the room. you can find them in many colors and styles. Pattern and carved floral patterns are not hard to find on wooden floating shelves just in case you are looking for some decorative shelving for the room. Wood is a strong material to have, it can stand the test of time. However, if your floating wooden shelves do not seem to be matching the color of furniture you have, you know what you can do, right? You can have it painted, this is simple.

Floating glass shelves are also good in designs but they should not be installed in the rooms in which you intend to decorate and store heavy items. Glass shelves and racks are very fragile naturally, they can be used for decorative purposes for example if you want to display artwork in the living room, all paints and decorative pottery vases or glass-work can be put to display on floating glass shelves.






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