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How to Choose Front Doors for Homes

Do you want to choose the best front doors, entry doors with side lights,  double front doors with glass  for homes? If yes, then it is time to know about all those factors which help you pick the best door.

Homes are everyone’s point of return. You set out in the morning to engage in various activities only to return to your home for rest and family company. It is only appropriate that you invest in quality double front doors  that provide you with the necessary personal security, that of your family members and that of your belongings.

Although there are different types of front doors that you can choose from, it is very important to consider four critical factors when shopping for one or several; size, configuration, material and style. Common materials are wood front doors, wrought iron entry doors, double front doors with glass or fiberglass, steel front doors and simple iron entry doors, you can choose the material according to your choice.

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Size of the entry doors

Size of a door refers to its width and height. Both are expressed in either feet or inches. Single doors traditionally measure 36-inches although others can be of smaller width. Double front entry doors are usually of 42-inches. Height of front doors does not change regardless of width measurement. Standard height for front doors is 80-inches. However, 8-foot doors are also available for homes with high ceilings.  No matter what the size is your make sure to have some front doors with side lights because they look minimalist.

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black wooden home door double designs

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Configuration of front doors

A door’s configuration to whether it is a single or double door. It also includes any sidelights, which are panels that accentuate a door. Sidelights can be made of glass, wood, fiberglass or metal. These can be designed to be opaque to provide for privacy. A door can also be feature transom made of decorative glass installed above the door to allow in some light into the entryway.

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Material for front doors or double entry front doors

Front doors for homes can be made of different materials. There are wooden, metallic, steel and glass doors. Choosing doors of the best material depends on various factors. It is also important to note that modern front doors for homes are not made of only one material but rather a combination of materials. For instance, a door can be made of wood with panels of glass or one made of metal with wood panels.

Material used in making a front door can also allow for manufacture of flush or paneled door. A flush door is one that remains flat from the top to bottom. A paneled door is one that features squared, rectangular or angled panels inserted in between, which can be on the upper part only, at the middle section or below.

Different Styles of Front Doors for Homes

The term “style” means different things to different people. While some people think of style as a door’s design, others think of it as features available with a door. This is the reason why door manufacturers have a standard style for all doors. There are six different door styles that you can choose from.

  • Dutch door – A Dutch door is designed to be in two parts horizontally with both the upper and lower halves swinging to open or close. This style first appeared in the USA in the 17th century and is still very popular.
  • Contemporary door – A contemporary door does not feature any panels. It is a flush door that remains flat and smooth from top to bottom.
  • Craftsman door – This is a style of door that features squared edges, fine vertical grain and sharp lines. It characteristically features an ornamental shelf referred to as dentil.
  • Decorative door – This style of door features ornamental metal grills and attractive glass panels.
  • Classic door – This is a style of door that is very popular with homeowners. It creates a warm welcoming feeling when used at front entrances.
  • Rustic door – This is a style of door that features handcrafted materials. They are known to create that old-world feeling when installed at front entrances.
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These are the four important factors you need to consider when choosing the most appropriate front doors to install at your front entrances.


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