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Front Doors with Glass Designs and Style Ideas

Front doors with glass provide for several benefits one of which is sufficient natural lighting in the room to allow for that natural feeling that often draws you out of the house. Doors with glass also turn out to be durable and easy to maintain. They literally save you from the need to deal with such issues as rust and corrosion. Furthermore, doors with glass are highly resistant to weather elements.There are several options when it comes to choosing front doors. In addition to traditional and metallic doors, you also have the options of choosing doors with glass to have installed at your front door entrances.

Settling for front doors with glass can be a unique way of bringing sense of style and class at the entry by enhancing curb value and appeal. The following are just some few things you need to consider when choosing doors with glass for your front entrance.


Choosing a front door with glass should not compromise on your privacy. Because it is possible that you may choose a door that features large panels of glass, take note of type of glass used. It is important that you choose a door with either etched or frosted glass that offers some level of privacy. In addition to preventing prying eyes, these types of glass also allow in natural sunlight.

Color of Front Doors with Glass

You may opt to choose a front door with decorated glass instead of etched, frosted or plain glass. Settling for decorative glass makes the door the focus of attention of any visitor. Decorated glasses for doors are available in different designs including abstract, floral motif and art d├ęcor designs. You may opt to choose doors with glass in a color that matches color of shutters for a uniform appearance.


Caming refers to wooden or metallic bands that join decorative sections of decorated glass. Caming can be of any finish and choice of finish greatly affects the overall appearance of the door. It is very important to choose a door with caming of a color that either matches or contrasts nicely with color of the door.

Door Glass Panels

This is probably the most important consideration when choosing front doors with glass. Size of glass panels should just be appropriate. Because front doors need to be strong and study, choose doors that feature medium glass panels. Position of the panels is also important. You have the option of picking doors that feature small panels all over the door, a single medium on the upper section of the door, panels of the sides or below the door.

It is important to note that size of the front entrance does not only inform size of door or doors to buy; it also informs size of glass panels.

Settling for front doors with glass can be a very effective way of positively transforming the look and appearance of your front entrance. A visit to your local hardware store should not only inform you of the various options available; it should also allow you to receive expert advice on which type of door with glass best suits your home.

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