heaboard of bedroom decorated with books and frames

23 Headboard with Storage Decorating Ideas

If you want to decorate headboard with storage in the best way then certainly you have hit the right place. I am here to share some amazing ideas which help you to decorate storage headboard in the best way.

Use storage For books

If you love to read books and simply you are a bookworm then you can use storage cabinets of headboard as your book shelf. You don’t have to spend extra money for your book case. All you have to do is to arrange books in small storage cabinets of headboard. One thing that you need to do before you put book into their cabinets is to change cover of books. It is good to use colorful covers of book. If you do this then book will add colors into your overall bedroom decoration.

Use Photo Frames

You can frame your family or wedding photos and keep them in your headboard storage area. This seems like one of the best and charming ideas of bedroom decoration. When it comes to selection of frame color, you should stick with existing bedroom theme. You can match frame color with curtain or wall paint color. In this manner, frame would boost up beauty impact of your bedroom to a great extent.

Keep Table Lamps on Headboard with storage

This is another good idea that you may like to try. If you have a wide headboard, then you should not need separate nightstand. You can keep your table lamps, wrist watch or clock on it. When it comes to selection of bedroom table lamps, you should pick those which make a perfect match with your bedroom color scheme. You can definitely think about making color contrasts. For example, keep white table lamps on black headboard.

Go with Flower Vases

If you love flower scent in your bedroom then you should keep beautiful flower vases on your headboard. Change flower time to time and add romantic aroma in your bedroom. Try to create a contrast with bedroom color scheme, when it comes to select the best vases for your bedroom. The size of vase should be according to available cabinets. If you are going to keep it on headboard not inside cabinets, you can definitely think about a long vase.

Decorative Items

If you have small cabinets in headboard with storage, you should grab some tiny decorative items. You can set them in an aesthetic manner. Small items in cabinets would definitely create an amazing appeal. Antique items also help you add beauty impact in your bedroom.

No matter how you decorate your storage headboard, you definitely have to organize this area of your bedroom. It means that you should keep things in order and in a proper arrangement otherwise you might ruin the overall bedroom theme. Organize books, decorative items, frames, vases and lamps. They must look like a neat style touch in your bedroom.

Headboard with storage Decorating Ideas

Here are some more headboard decoration ideas with pictures that would make this job quite easy for you.

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