Ideas for Window curtains for winter

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Need some cool ideas of window Curtains for Winter? I have created a wide collection which makes it easy for you to select the right shade, design and style. No matter you need curtains for living room or bedroom, you would be able to find a good idea. Generally, I prefer to have dark shade curtains for bedroom as it is a place where we like to relax and have good night sleep. Therefore , it is better to hang some dark shade like brown, black, blue, etc shade curtain that enhance darkness element and help us sleep better. But it doesn’t mean that you need to remove all kind of sunlight. Go for dark but not too dark shades window curtains for winter. If possible, make a combination of sheer and curtains, so depending on your light choice you can pick one option.

When it comes to living room, then make sure that curtains must make a combination with overall theme. in addition, it is good to find matching or same fabric curtains as your furniture has. But it doesn’t mean that setting velvet window curtains for winter, when you have velvet sectional sofa. It simply means that when your furniture fabric has rugged look then you should make sure that this ruggedness is also available in the curtains. As far as shade are concerned, you can match the color either with sofa or with your cushions. Both options look great when it comes to the selection of window curtains for winter ideas. You can go with either simple design or a printed one. First option is always a good choice for winter while printed curtains look great in spring. But again it is you who will take final decision.


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