Kitchen Backsplash Tile – What Different Types You can Try?

Light blue kitchen designs with peach kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget

A unique way to add style and beauty to your kitchen is to go with kitchen backsplash tile. These days, you have a wide variety of options to try when it comes to kitchen backsplash tile remodeling. Some options are expensive while others are very affordable. Let’s explore some kitchen backsplash tile design.

Types of Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Now I will unlock different types of backsplash tiles you can install in your kitchen.

Ceramic tiles

When you are looking for kitchen backsplash ideas on budget, then what you need to consider is ceramic tiles. They are available in a wide variety of design, shapes and colors. You can find 2 to 4 inches tiles in the market. Although it is an economical option yet it doesn’t add glam touch to your kitchen. So, when you have tight budget and need backsplash tile to keep your kitchen look clean then ceramic kitchen backsplash tiles seems like a great option for you.

Kitchen Backsplash Glass Tile

This option is becoming really popular among homeowners who care more about style and beauty. This kind kitchen backsplash tile costs more than ceramic tiles.Glass tiles are very easy to clean and add aesthetics to your overall kitchen designs. Even you spend extra money on them, but this money totally worth it; since glass tiles are very durable. You can explore wayfair kitchen backsplash tiles which have enormous beauty appeal and usually have designer collection.

Kitchen Backsplash Peel and stick

When you want to go with DIY backsplash ideas, it is possible only when you have peel and stick tiles for kitchen. You need to peel the seal and stick the tiles to your kitchen wall. This kind of tiles makes kitchen remodeling process very easy for every person. You can find a wide variety of kitchen backsplash design pictures, just to pick one design that matches with your kitchen interior.

Kitchen Stainless Steel tiles

This is the most expensive kitchen backsplash tiles available in the market. You need to spend around $30 to $100 per square foot. It is an expensive option so only luxury kitchen designs can have them. You also see such tiles in hotels. It is very easy to clean and maintain such tiles. They bring glossy touch to your kitchen.

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Tile

It is another economical kitchen tile option you can have in your kitchen. You usually need to spend $15 per square of such tiles. Mosaics are made with a variety of glass and bring cozy touch to your kitchen. Amazon backsplash tiles have a unique collection of such tiles.

Finally, you have got ideas of different types of kitchen backsplash tile you can use to enhance beauty of your kitchen walls. Now tell me what option you would like to try?


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