Lavender Plant Care and A guide on How and When to Plant Lavenders for Growing Lavender Hedges

Beautiful lavender plant hedges in the patio decoration outside house

There are many reasons why aromatic and English lavender plant is popular among farmers, gardeners and plant lovers. One of the most common reason is that lavender is beautiful, fragrant and colorful. The hue of the lavender plant appeals everyone a lot.

There are also some symbols and meanings associated with the lavender plans. For some centerpieces and cultures lavender is a cause for celebration. The plant is admired for many reasons, some believe that it has a very secretive heating and restorative properties. Good energy and positivism are few known elements associated with lavender plant. It’s not just the beauty for which lavender is adored by many, it’s also the properties it has naturally for the best benefits of human beings.
It will not be wrong to say that Lavender plant is originated from the mountainous zones of the Mediterranean, however, it is not the only place where it grows during summer. In face, there are many states in the United States along with some countries like Australia and Southern Europe where Lavender hedges are found in the gardens besides plants and flowers. Rosemary is a famous herb whose branches grows in short length so is the shrubs, like wise lavender plant also grows only two to three feet in height. Hence, it is popular among those generations of gardeners who love to grow small lavender hedges in the gardens. Small hedges can be as decorative as a full sized outdoor garden plant, however, these hedges can be grown all over the outdoor garden, in different places.
Here are some outlines of what I will cover regarding lavender plant, lavender seeds and lavender hedges in my article.
1-Where to plant your lavender plant?
2-What sort of lavender should you plant indoor or outdoor in the garden?
3-how to plant a nice lavender hedge in the garden?
4-Lavender plant care.

Where to plant your lavender hedges?

You need to pick the location first or a fertile site for planting the lavender seeds. Keep in mind that like all plants, lavender plant grows under ample sun light. Check the PH level of the soil as well, Lavender grows in a well-drained alkaline soil which has a PH of 7.8 to 8. The higher PH the better your lavender plant will grow. The same is true when you grow an aromatic English Lavender in the garden.
If you by accident choose to seed the lavender in a soil which has more moisture or to a location which does not see much sunlight, your lavender hedge will never grow, never flourish and never nurture. It will be infested with the fungus due to high moisture level.
Lavender plant is good at expelling insects and small bugs, however, some insects such as bees and butterflies are attracted towards the lavender due to its sweet scent. It would be okay for you to have some cute butterflies in the garden, they will add beauty to the nature in the outdoor decor. If you are upset with a lot of insects which are in your garden landscape, you can grow lavender hedges alongside other plants , especially to the areas where you see a lot of insects, flies and blood sucking mosquitoes.

What sort of lavender should you plant indoor or outdoor in the garden?

Don’t just opt for any lavender seeds which are available on the market or the shop. There are many types of lavender plants out there. However, there are two types of plants which are really suitable for growing friendly lavender hedges.
Lavandula stoechas are also known as French lavender, they are very beautiful and attractive. They has fat spikes with dark purple flowers, which grow with nice wing bracts that look like butterfly wing. Small leaves are attached to the flower in random order.
The second and very popular type of lavender plant is Lavendula augustifolia which is also known as English lavender, it grows with small purple colored flowers. French lavender plants often grow taller in size than English lavender plant. If you love to have more scent in the garden then no double English lavender has more scent compared to French Lavender. A lot of gardeners harvest this plant for making potpourri, aromatic oils and healing body massage oils.

how to plant a nice lavender hedge in the garden?

The best seasons for growing lavender hedges in the outdoor garden landscape are fall and srping. Make a trench about 16 inches deep and 18 inches wide, now fill this up with a mixture of composite you have and some coarse sand. Now plant your lavender here, keep some distance between plants, one lavender plant should be at a distance of at least two feet from another and son other. This will provide them ample space for growth. If you intend to plant the lavender in spring season, do not be afraid of removing the blooms, it will force the energy to the root area for better growth. If you plant lavender plant during fall, there is no need to remove anything, the energy will be directed to the root growth naturally.

Lavender Plant Care

Lavender plant care is very important, if you will not look after your lavender hedges and lavender plants they will die and lose their beauty. Keep your plants watered in all seasons. If you think that these plants don’t need water during winter season, you need to think again, lavender needs water in winter even in dormant stage. You need to feed the lavender plants with good quality fertilizers and best time for the feeding is spring and mid-summer.
Lavender might needs some pruning from time to time, they might get hard and woody. This is the time for lavender plant care- pruning is needed for the plant in march and early april, and try to do this before new shoots are formed. You can create nice cirular bushes by pruning the lavender, for you just need to take off some parts from the height of the plant. You can prune it at the end of summer. Do not forget to take care of lavender meanwhile.
Proper lavender plant care will help growth of fresh flowers and it will promote nice health. If you want to see a lot of flowers on lavender, you should be very responsible with lavender plant care.


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