Living room Lighting ideas

Living room modern lighting ideas

Living room is one of the best and most important room of the home, this is where you will see and meet a lot of guests, it should be decorated nicely though, the most important thing is to install the best lighting according to the area so each and every detail of the room is illuminated and well-light. There is no point of doing a a lot of decoration in the room when there is no source of good lighting. Install a couple of pendant lighting won’t work always. You need to install living room lighting fixtures according to the area, if it needs two chandeliers to brighten up the room, you should get two and have them installed at an appropriate distant from each other.

The chandelier always adds more light to the living room, though there are track lighting fixtures installed over the tv area but they are not enough for illuminating the room, that’s why a center light is needed.

living room ceiling lighting 300x217- Living room Lighting ideas
Living room ceiling lighting

The chandelier is sleek but it is good to go with the decor, providing some lighting that is needed for the central area.

living room chandelier lighting 300x225- Living room Lighting ideas
Living room chandelier lighting

The small track lighting are nice but they are not brightening up the room, the living section is brightened up using the chandelier and led lights which are installed within the ceiling.

living room contemporary lighting ideas 300x212- Living room Lighting ideas
Living room contemporary lighting ideas

The track light is a good source, it should be installed over the walls because these are the areas which often get ignored. If you have done some art then brightening up the walls is necessary.

living room modern lighting ideas 300x216- Living room Lighting ideas
Living room modern lighting ideas

The track and led combination is working for this blue theme living room. The area rug is adding more charm.

track lighting ideas for living room 300x200- Living room Lighting ideas
Track lighting ideas for living room


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