Meditation Room Decorating Ideas for Practicing Yoga, Meditation and Astral Projection

Meditation room decorating ideas lighted optical illusion screen wall carpetd floor accent chair wood floor

Meditation room decorating ideas can help you improvise on the room you have already spared for either yoga practices or astral projection. Most people don’t have a large, yoga studio sized room to spare in their room for setting up a nice and appeasing yoga setup. It does not matter what the size of the room is and how spacious it it. Things that matter is how you turn the space into a perfect meditation room by using accessories and furniture.

Meditation Room Decorating ideas with cushions and throw pillows

First of all you need to understand that there is no need for large sized sectional sofa seating in the meditation room set up. Since this room will be used as a sacred space only, it has to be created well, adding only important decorative elements which can enhance your yoga, meditation or astral projection experience in the room.
There is no need for a big sized table as well. One large corner style table is good in the meditation room or yoga room. Since you will be practicing your asans here, hence the interior should be neat and clean. Invest in some floor cushions and throw pillows for the rooms, for a good meditation experience you might want to have some soft yet cozy throw pillows for the floor decoration. It’s not just the floor decoration of the meditation room which matters it’s also the functionality of the space that’s important. One nice colored floor rug is also needed or a nice rubber mat, you can sit on it or do your yoga practice on it. Some people believe that meditation experience is two-folded when they do it on the floor instead of the chair.
One big accent chair can be placed in the corner of the meditation room. Depending on the people who will use the room for meditation you might need one chair or five. If you have a group of people who join you for yoga or meditation, you can decorate floor pillow mattress in an octagonal style or hexagonal style in the meditation room.

Lighting Ideas for Meditation room decorating

You do not need to install heavy ceiling or wall lighting fixtures in the meditation room set up. Some nice wall lighting which has tranquility effect would enhance your experience in the room. Lighting fixtures which produce a lot of heat should be avoided, since you will be using the room for relaxing mind and soul, only dim lighting would be good for the meditation room.
Ventilation is important for the space, there should be enough air to breathe. You can install one glass window and cover it up with a sheer fabric for protecting the privacy in the meditation room.

Add Peaceful Accessories in the Meditation rooms decorations

The more accessories you add the more cluttered your meditation room you will. Just use some symbolic accessories and relics which relate to the theme of the room for example incenses, candles (with or without stand), ceiling or window chimes, woven blankets, symbol of om, and other relics or ornaments which you believe relate to the mediation, yoga and astral project. If you happen to be setting up the room for yoga or meditation right inside your bedroom ten make sure to divide the room using a room divider.
Never set up your yoga room or meditation room inside the office space or inside a room which has a television or theater, all sorts of media entertainments sources interrupt with the yoga or mediation practices by distracting your mind and attention.


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