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Pedestal Sink Storage Stands

Pedestal Sink Storage Styles You can Try

If you want to build under pedestal sink storage cabinet then I have some really great design ideas. These ideas will help you create a cabinet that not only fulfill your storage needs but also looks very eye-catching. So, let’s explore some amazing designs.

Storage Cabinets With Doors/Drawers

Space around your pedestal sink is not very huge. Therefore, you can’t build a very big storage cabinet around it. So, don’t expect big when it comes to building a cabinet around it.  You can build a normal size cabinet that matches to height of your pedestal sink with two doors. Another great idea is to have two cabinets and drawers combination. Make two cabinets with two doors and build two drawers on the top of the cabinets.

Open Shelves Design for Bathroom Sink

Instead of building some cabinets , you can opt for open shelves. You can put your makeup items, towels and tissues on these racks. Racks allows you to access any item of your bathroom very easily. People avoid racks because if they are not organized well that they look messy. But the best way to deal with such issue is to have some open shelves along with a closed cabinet. Keep mess inside the cabinets and have a few bathroom accessories or items on the open shelves. Isn’t it a simple solution? I’m sure you would like it.

Stick to your Bathroom Color scheme

This is quite important when you sink wrap for pedestal sink. You can match your storage cabinet colors with that of your bathroom walls or floors.  People like to make a color contrast. For example, if you have white bathroom flooring then black or red cabinets would really look great. Color of pedestal sink is often white; therefore you can pick almost any cabinet shade. The design of vanity cabinet must be similar to standard cabinets that you see in the market. You can go with vintage, contemporary or luxury theme depending on your style preference. Modern designs always look great but rustic wooden cabinets also make a big difference in overall bathroom interior.


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Under pedestal sink storage cabinet ikea

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