27 Best Pergola Covers and Pergola Canopy-Easy Patio Shade options with ideas

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Beautiful Retractable Pergola Canopy Cover For The Wooden Pergola Blue

27 Best Pergola Covers and Pergola Canopy-Easy Patio Shade options with ideas

Pergola canopy and pergola covers are very common materials used for patio shading in the garden or backyard space. They provide protection of harmful UV rays. It is not a surprise that pergolas are one of the most popular outdoor garden accessory of the modern time which must be installed, particularly on the areas where you spend most time with your family. Outdoor garden is the best entertainment place where you meet with your guests and serve them coffee, drinks and meals, there must be something to protect them during scorching summer days. For, pergola covers and Pergola canopy should be installed outdoor.

Besides being a major element in the garden elements, pergola also has some decorative feature to offer, it is functional already but it could also be decorative and add beauty to the outdoor space. The exterior design and its concept evolves around the comfort-you have got to consider all the decorative as well as architectural elements which could make your gardens, front yards and backyards more functional. Pergolas come in different styles, colors, shapes and materials. Wooden pergolas are the most common types at the present time, but modern pergola usually features sturdy aluminum or metal posts and rafters. Heavy metals are not used for making posts because they make pergolas very heavy weighted. Though many of you might not consider that style and design of pergola also matters, but it’s really about outdoor space, comfort should be the primary factor- it’s good to consider functionality of the pergola but its style may also add some value to the exterior.

Pergola canopy could be made of anything, it could be made of linen, cotton, simple fabric, or even a vine out of any plants which you have planted in the garden. If there are lavenders plants in the garden, you can take some of them off and use them as pergola canopy. It will add beauty to the aesthetic of the garden.  More pergola canopy options are decorative panels, colorful fabric (stretchable), striped textiles, glass panels, and decorative fabric. I have made collection of best pergola canopy which look very stylish, they are modern, they can make outdoor space warm and welcoming during summer and winter.

There is no doubt that with growing population, people in city have very limited garden landscaping space and very limited outdoor space, they are left with the option of setting gardens in the apartment balconies and rooftops. No matter where the gardens are located, pergolas can be added as  decorative feature, right on roof decks for protecting the furniture, tables, and swimming pool area from the sun. Even, a nice sized pergola canopy can designed for covering the balcony furniture. Pergola could be the best shade itself and a central location under which you can set tables, chairs, and grill machines for having nice barbecuing parties with friends.

Pergola Canopy ideas

As depicted above one of the most romantic pergola canopy ideas is that you use live foliage of plants such as lavenders, roses and Rosemary over the top of the pergola.  Not only will it make your exterior beautiful but enhance the organic beauty of the garden landscapes. Pergola canopies made out of roses and growing grapes could look beautiful.  You have many choices for growing plants in the garden- though you already may be growing many , you could grow some of them for using as pergola cover for shading the patio area.

Another option for making a nice looking pergola canopy is that you make the use of bamboo, some tree bushes and wines, reed and some leaves which are in the garden. In recent times, people used to use tropical palm trees in the garden for proving shades and protection from the sun to the area where people would sit for parties or meals.  Reed mats are also nice patio shade option, they are quite inexpensive and they can be replaced when they are old or torn. Tree, branches, vines are good for setting up a nice style Mediterranean patio designs or nice Mid-eastern garden landscapes, because their pergola canopies are made from plants and shrubs. Bamboo plants are good, they are used in Japanese for spiritual cleaning as well, for example, bamboo fountain is used as a ritual for cleaning in Japan. Bamboo can be used in the garden for making privacy fences, patio privacy screens and decorative fence art. Bamboos can be used for pergola shades as well.

pergola lattice panels are a great way for providing shade to the patio area. Pergola lattice panels do not block the sun light completely, however, if they are designed with glass paneling as well, they can provide nice shade. They also look absolute amazing, they are designed with nice patterns and nice prints. Floral printed pergola lattice covers are making a quite a buzz these days.  Pergola lattice covers can be attached on the top and they are often used for free standing pergolas. Lattice covers can be added on the sides as well, they can be decorated with pergola curtains on the side for making a romantic exterior.

Decorative lattice panels come in a variety of size, shape, style and patterns these days. They are very light often. They can be installed easily and depending on the material used for lattice work, they may require little to no maintenance at all. When you choose pergola lattice panels, keep in mind that  design matters a lot of the exterior beauty of the home. Laser cut lattice panels are suitable for some garden where you have done rustic patio, however, they are also a good choice for modern style patio designs. You can also order for custom designed laser cut panels, pergola aluminum panels, poly carbonate panels, and wooden panels, a custom panel might be needed for better fitting for the pergola you have in the garden.

Textile Pergola Covers with advanced Shading and Flexible Fabric Awning

Pergola textile canopy is also famous these days, these covers come in various designs, styles and colors. The simplest way of adding shading to the patio area is by making a nice DIY pergola canopy using the semi-transparent fabric for the awning. The fabric must be able to stretch over the pergola poles or else it would not work as the cover. Any light weight, pretty color pergola canopy would do it, make sure that the fabric is friendly and able to block the harsh lighting during day time.

If you have no idea as which fabric to choose as pergola cover, you can simply surf the market and buy one from the store. The store might already have nice pergola canopy (made of suitable fabric) to assist you. Greenhouse is sometimes covered with the pergola canopy, the cloth used for the house can also be considered for the backyard or front yard where you need some shading.

Pergola canopy ideas revolve around a variety of canvas and awning fabrics, the designs are diverse out there. There are covers which have chevron prints and strips on the designs, there are fabrics which are woven, designed for the pergola only. Pergola canopies can be used for covering a large space as well, they are quite inexpensive, for example if you want to cover the area where you have place the furniture or tables, you may use waterproof pergola canopies. Waterproof version is good because during rainfalls, the water does not accumulate between the pockets of the rafters due to the design of the pergola awning fabric.

Some people design a good style of patio shade, they weave strips of fabrics through the rafters of the pergola, which turns out to be an under-pattern or basket style design. This pergola covers really looks good and works almost all types of exterior decorations, it can really transform the outdoor living room simply. A pergola canopy with the weaved design stretches nice on the pergola, due to tightly stretched design, the fabric does not flap and cause any noise. Unpleasant noise may be an unwanted feature  of textile canopies you want to get rid of. Some waterproof fabrics may come only in cream, beige, and white or pastel colors, they are not i9n dark color but they look nice. However, there is choice for bold colors as well, some stri9ps and chevrons designs of the pergola shade can add a nice pop of color and design to the outdoor living area.

If you spend too much time outside in the balcony of the apartment and do not intend to block the sunlight completely, sometimes you need patio shade for the area other times you want to enjoy the weather. If so, you should consider retractable canopy and covers for the area, these covers are suitable for most outdoor spaces for being versatile. They are waterproof, they are functional as well. Retractable canopy can be installed on any type of pergola whether it is free standing style you have or a cantilevered. The existing cover of pergola can also be replaced by retractable canopies because they are more flexible than traditional style fabric awnings and shading options which are available for the homeowners.



Most canopies retract easily on the cables made of stainless cables. If you do not have ones already you can install some cables and rods for making the operation of retractable canopy easy- once they are in place you can open and close the canopy easily (partially or completely) depending on the area which needs shading. If you cannot make one for yourself, you should consider consulting the companies, they often have standard sized canopies or custom sized covers which can be mounted on the pergola rafters. If you have measurements you should hand them over to the company and they will make you a custom retractable pergola canopy design.

When you order for retractable canopies make sure they are made of high quality fabrics and are waterproof, you do not want to replace them over and over. Also make sure that the fabric is easily retractable over the steel cables or any materials you have on the pergola. They must provide shading to the patio, at the same time they must have nice textures. They should provide protection from the rain as well and  must not be affected by heavy rainfalls, heavy winds and excess rain water.

There are definitely more options for pergola covers and canopies for you. You must have one, particularly on the area where you want some protection from sunlight. The covers also increase outdoor beauty by adding warm and welcoming touch to the outdoor area.  Privacy protection, rain protection and sun protections should be the major points to consider when you shop for the patio canopy. For giving a romantic twist to the exterior, you can add sideline curtains along with the pergola canopy, they fabric of the curtain should match the canopy for creating the nice harmony in the outdoor area.





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