16 Recycled Tree Stumps Decoration for Front Yard and Festive Garden Decor

Recycled tree stumps front yard garden decoration (10)

Got your hands on reclaimed tree stumps and are you wondering how to decorate a tree stump or two for decorating the dull looking garden or front yard landscape? There are many ways you can do recycled tree stumps decoration in the area to catch the attention of your neighbors. Once done, your front yard will definitely be the talk of the town for featuring nicely painted tree stumps, cool garden tree stump house and mushroom stumps.

A lot us might have a big sized tree stumps in the garden or front yard which looks boring and out of life. The tree stump can be decorated in different ways for enhancing the beauty of the outdoor landscape. For example, you can make a nice tree stump house with doors and some windows.  Instead of burning the tree stumps (which could be very dangerous), you could turn it into a nice artwork.  You need to be creative enough for creating the art because all it takes it an idea for using and turning the stumps into a nice and functional art pieces.There are many tree stump garden decoration ideas which you can make the most of.

You can use a tree stump grinder for cutting it into small pieces and then turning it into nice garden ornaments and artworks. I have seen that many homeowner are using tree stumps painting spray for the purpose, the spray comes in many different colors, they can be painted on the stump for making flowers, some crafts, pumpkins or drawings which you love. Even the top of the tree stumps can be painted in mushrooms like art and craft, they will look lovely in the garden and front yard area.  Besides turning recycled tree stumps into art and crafts, you can use them for making nice tables and chairs sets.

Tree stump garden house is very famous these days, basically a wood timber or pallet is used for making small doors on the stump, some gardening is done around it to make it stand around.  Outdoor tree stumps lanterns are very famous these days, not only they are decorative for the yard but also become a nice source of outdoor lighting. They work just like a nice lantern lighting, but the difference is they have more rustic style look.

Here are some artworks which can be inspiration for decorating tree stumps for front yard.

  1. A nice garden house with windows and doors.
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Floor painting on the top of the stumps for front yard decoration
  4. Furniture accessories such as tables and chairs can be built
  5. Tree stump outdoor decorative items can be designed such as painted wooden houses, lanterns, figurines and crafts.
  6. Stumps can be decorated with planters and flowers for enhancing front yard beauty.


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