Recycling old items and furniture for DIY decor

Creative recycling ideas diy frog garden decor old tires

Using some ribbons, rhinestones, wooden pallets and crafty materials anyone could make furniture, accessories and decorative wall ornaments for home. Today I am going to show some ideas on how to recycle old items for making decorative items for your home. You could also construct some furniture for DIY decor.

1: Kids toy constructed out of old plastic bottles. If you have tons of unused plastic bottles or soda bottles you could recycle them for your DIY decor project.

2: Couple of old plastic bottles were recycled for making a garden monkey for garden decoration which is easy because anyone can do this with ease.

3: DIY plastic flowers are created for the garden.

4: Wooden crated were created out of wooden pallets for the wall decoration. You can paint wooden creates in any color of your choice other than green color.

5: Wine cork is used for creating fantastic wooden key rings.

6: Paper roll is recycled for making DIY paper roll flowers for table decoration.

7: Plastic bottle recycled for making LED lamp for the room decoration.

8: DIY glass green house created for the garden.

9: DIY coffee table made from the wooden pallets for the patio and garden.

10: DIY flower pots made from old tires. This is how you recycle old items for using creative artwork and crafts on the budget.

12: Beautiful DIY cot painting idea for those who love to paint furniture on their own.

13: Chandelier made out of recycled plastic bottles.

14: Another ceiling chandelier made from plastic bottle. This DIY chandelier lighting project is easy to do.

15: DIY bird house created using old, unused wine corks.

16: Deck chair created and painted in yellow.

17: Old furniture painted in beautiful colors.

18: DIY frog garden decoration completed by using and painting old car tires.

19: A wonderful DIY decor ideas for kids room with can cars.

20: Old furniture recycled and used for making new furniture.

21: Old suitcase recycled for making a chair or stool for the room.

22: Old sewing machine recycled for making a nice wooden table.

23: Old suitcases used for decorating the room wisely. They are stacked over each other in a good order in such a way that they add a decorative aura to the room by taking less space.

24: Wooden pallets used and painted for making wooden benches and tables.

25: Plumbing steel pipes recycled for making flower vases. This is one smart way to recycle items for making artwork for your home, living room and kitchen.0

26: Plastic bottle recycled for creating lamp with butterflies motifs.

27: Garden decorated by recycling and painting old/unused car tires.

28: Old creates recycled and painted for the garden decoration.

29: Car tire used for making tea cup for the patio decor.

30: Old wood used for making oriental coffee table for the living room.

31: Old cutting boards recycled and decorated with forks for making a stands for hanging kitchen aprons.

32: Old furniture recycles for making stools.

33: dIY strap chair made using art and craft ribbons.

34:  DIY Table lamp built from the bottle.

35: Old furniture used and painted for making wall built shelves.

36: Suitcases are turned into storage cupboard, an easy diy furniture idea for home.

37: Old wooden chair painted beautifully and artistically for the decoration.

38: Wall clock built with a hanging computer mouse.

39: Wooden pallets recycled for making a nice patio coffee table.

40: Wooden pallets used for making a nice wooden sofa set for the balcony or patio entrance.


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