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Acrylic Red Lamp Shades

Magical Red Lamp Shades for Upgrading Room Lamps

Lamps are common lighting sources these days which are found in every home. Red lamp shades could transform and upgrade the look of your typical look lamp which has been catching any attention in the interior.

A lot of you might be struggling with the selection of appropriate color of lamp shades and a nice design which could add beauty to the aesthetic of the interior. A red lamp either table or floor without classy shade may go unnoticed and may look very boring. Many designers suggest the homeowners that they should make the use of nice colors in the interior and these colors should be added in form of accessories. Red lamps could add a splash of nice color in the room.

When wood floors are not decorated with carpet or floor rug, they don’t make much of appeal. In the same way, room lighting should be chosen carefully. A table or floor lamp could make a lot of difference in brighten up the interior.

Today I would like to talk about some red lamp shades designs and textures, I would like to share my ideas on some glass shades as well which you could use for making your room lamps very sassy and beautiful. There are different types of red lamp shades, the glass ones, acrylic ones, plastic lamp shades, wicker and fabric lamp shades. Even some are using stretched tulle and other decorative fabrics for making nice lamp shades.

Red lamp shades with little bit of glittery twist may add a nice touch to the interior. Red is already a magical color but when it has glitter, it makes the entire lamp style so magical and hot.   There are floor red lamp shades as well which produce a large amount of lighting and the shade is designed in such a way that it could be able to spread the lighting around.

Bowl Notched red lamp shades are also in style these days, they can easily be fit to the lamp but come with very matte look. They are semi-transparent depending on the materials used for making the shade.

Linen barrel red lamp shades come with nice patterns- flowers, leaves, and herbs and other natural items/accents are created on the fabric/linen for making the shade creative and very eye-catching.

Stained glass red lamps shades could be a nice addition, they are designed with hand painted art work on the glass and sometimes the glass is also decorated with beading, pearls and other decorative items to enhance the beauty.

Decorative Red lamps are also used for creating a romantic room interior. If you intend to decorate room for the anniversary celebration, you should use red lamp shade and pair it up with roses, candles and decorative accessories for making a romantic aura in the bedroom.


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Wicker red lamp shade idea fabric theme lamps

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Simple red lamp shade

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