Exquisite Rustic Fireplace Mantel Adds Glam Factor to Fireplace Room

Rustic fireplace mantel rustic mantel shelf (2)

A rustic fireplace mantel is something which can give a feel of part to the room where wood was still the main material used for the construction. Homeowners always love the exquisiteness of rustic fireplace designs because they are usually different than the modern style fireplaces.
Rustic fireplace mantel could be made of just any wood that the homeowners loves to have such as cypress, cedar, oak, maple or hardwood. Since cedar is a naturally aromatic wood, when it is used for making rustic fireplace mantels, the mantel turns out to be scented. Using cedar is beneficial as well, when this wood is used for making fireplace mantel, there is no way your mantel will ever lost its beauty. Cedar has natural oil in it which also keeps the wood from decaying.

Rustic Fireplace Mantel wood options

Rustic fireplace mantel could be made of pine as well. Some people opt for stoned mantels instead of wood, whatever material you choose for the mantle just make sure it will add more ambiance to the room interior. However, you should know that in almost all types of rustic interiors, wood is the basic and main material used, it would be better for the rustic mantel to be made of any cherry or dark wood to create a perfect rustic, old style look. Wood provides calmness of the mind and it can be painted in many colors to match the colors of the walls .
There are different ways to decorate your rustic fireplace mantel, such as, you could get all family photos framed nicely and put them together over your rustic wood  fireplace mantel. Some candles will create the perfect rustic makeover in the room when placed in a good order, do not forget to use candle with the stands.

Rustic Mantel shelf
Some people love custom rustic wood fireplace mantel instead of the typical one which is sold on the market. When ordering a custom mantel, make sure to use the best grade wood, I recommend that you use red cedar planks for making rustic fireplace mantel because this wood is more eco friendly than any other wood. In case you have the skills and caliber to make a nice rustic wood fireplace mantel yourself, you might want to check this tutorial.

Ideally, rustic mantel shelf should not be built in a big size, one that is good enough for display some small decorative items would be suffice for the room. Big sized rustic mantel shelf will dominate the fireplace beauty, you want the fire place to be center of attraction not the shelf, so try not to over the design of the rustic mantel shelf at all. If you have no idea what type of wood is to be used for making the shelf for fireplace, I suggest that you use reclaimed wood, because it is the best wood you can use for the shelf or rack designs.

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