13 RV Bathroom Sinks and Faucet Designs for RV bath Interior

Rv bathroom sink faucets designs ideas (2)

RV bathroom sinks now come in many styles these days, you can choose RV bath sink styles from many which are self-rimming sink,wall mounted sink, pedestal sink, vessel sink and console sink.

There is no double that only small space is allocated for RV bathroom design because the trailer may not be very huge and spacious itself. This is a small space in which you are decorating RV kitchen, RV bedroom with storage and RV bathroom. You might have other plans as well since you are the one who will decide what you need in the area. Sometimes some people live with their spouses and partners inside it, so the RV bathroom interior needs to be done very carefully, the vanities should be small and space saving. Try to save as much space as you can when you design your RV bathroom design.

RV Bathroom Sink Styles

Some basic styles of RV bathroom sinks are consoles and self-trimming but I personally love wall mounted RV bath sinks because they are good space saving solutions. They can be mounted on the corner of the RV bathroom easily. Being wall mounted or flush-mounted they allow you to have extra space which can be used for installing RV towel racks or towel holder. Besides, there can be other features which you can add when sink for RV bathroom is chosen in the small style.   As for the faucets, there are different choices such as stainless steel, chrome and bronze.  Stainless steel RV sink faucets are the best because they work nicely in the RV interior.

Stay Away from RV Glass Bath Sinks

Glass RV bathroom sinks are quite famous as well but they are not safe. Since you will travel in the trailer or move it there are chances as your RV glass bath sink may break during moving process or in other incidents. RV bathroom vanities don’t come for cheap prices so whatever you choose to install in the trailer or boat make sure that it will stand the test of the time.

Besides console style RV sinks, there are stainless steel sinks which are good to use. I personally believe that porcelain RV sinks are the best for the RV bathroom interior because they are so much better than the glass or stainless steel styles. They are good as the conventional style sinks which you install in the bathrooms of home. Porcelain RV bathroom sinks come in a variety of different colors and styles from black to white, some are designed in triangle style or compact bowl style. You can choose the best RV bath sink designs for your space and install it along with other vanities and bathroom accessories you want to have for the space. Corner style sinks are good for almost RVs whether small or large sized, they are mounted on the side of the tankless toilets or right besides the towel holder.


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