Simple curtains for Doorways French or simple doors

Simple printed door way curtains ideas for french doors

There is no need to go fancy everywhere when simple curtains for doorways look as elegant as other curtains. It happens many times that you have tight budget but you still want curtains for your french and simple front door. In such scenario, I suggest you to grab sheers or some printed curtains. These curtains cost you a little money but when you hang them with a bit style then they would enhance the charm of your doorways. Make sure you pick the right colors when it comes to simple curtains for doorways. Light colors look great but it would be the wrong color choice. You might ask why, so let’s find out the answer below.

Actually, your door is a place where traffic is always high. People come and go.That’s clearly mean that simple curtains for doorways would have high sun and light exposure. When you hang light colors then this color will get dark due to dust and light. You need to put it into the laundry once a month , just to maintain its shine and beauty. However, when you go with dark colors simple curtains for doorways then you don’t have to face the same situation. Dark curtains will stop sunlight entrance into the home. Moreover, they won’t get dirty easily. You don’t need to clean them again and again. Don’t go for too dark shades, just pick a middle family shade that matches to your overall home decor.

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