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Pros and Cons of Steel Front Doors

There are certainly different types of fronts doors depending on material used and one type is steel front door. Use of steel front doors has become common in modern times simply because they are strong, secure and robust. Like with any other type of front doors, they too have their pros and cons.

Front entrances are no doubt the most vulnerable points in any home. They are indeed the most likely entry points for intrusion by unauthorized people. This makes it necessary to choose the most appropriate fronts doors that are strong yet appealing.

Pros of Steel Doors

Installation of steel front doors ensures that front entrances remain secured because they are strong and cannot be broken down easily.

Steel front doors turn out to be highly resistant to weather elements. They can literally withstand any type of weather and are therefore not susceptible to damages caused by weather elements.

Unlike before when steel doors were manufactured to be solid slabs of steel, modern manufacture practices produce steel doors that enhance a home’s front entrances. They therefore turn out to be attractive owing to the fact that they feature polystyrene cores encased in the steel. Furthermore, steel doors can also feature glass panels that make it possible for the doors to allow in sufficient natural light.

It is always beneficial to choose front doors that are fire resistant and steel doors turn out to be the best pick. Compared to other types of doors, steel doors are highly fire resistant.

Steel front doors also turn out to be very durable and require very little maintenance. They are also highly resistant to rust, which is a common problem with other types of doors.

The fact that steel doors come factory-primed makes them highly customizable. They can easily be painted in a color that either matches or contrasts with pain color around the house.

Cons of Steel front Doors

Although steel from doors provide for high level of security and require minimal maintenance, they also have cons that include:

Since steel front doors are installed in the exterior of a house, they are inappropriate for use in areas or regions that experience cold weather conditions or hot weather conditions for the better part of the year. This is simply because they are bound to allow heat escape from a house during winter and allow in some level of heat during summer.

Generally, steel front doors turn out to be the most expensive compared to other types of doors. Installing this type of door also requires some level of expertise, which may be added cost. The fact that steel doors require steel frames during installation also adds up the overall cost.


The last few years have witnessed introduction of steel front doors in different styles and sizes. Weather to choose a steel front door or any other type of door largely depends on a homeowner’s preference and level of security needed. Just like with other types of front doors, steel front doors are readily available at local hardware stores.

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