19 Sunflower Christmas Tree for Christmas Day

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Does your Christmas tree need a little refresh? How about having a colorful, sunflower Christmas tree this year for your special Christmas day. There are tons of tree decoration ideas for Christmas, having something colorful like sunflower toppers would make your tree delightful for the eyes as well as for the room decoration.

Whereas everyone is opting for traditional style tree decoration for Christmas, you could have something that’s different and magnificent.

Classic Sunflower Christmas Tree

A Fraser fir trimmed sunflower themed tree with angel toppers, some colorful ribbons related to Christmas day theme, and along with some classic ornaments and festive Christmas lighting would look timeless.

Candles are essential Christmas day decoration thing these days, but you can use candle lights instead of real ones in order to avoid fire hazard in your room.

Whatever your favorite color pallet is, you can use the same one for decorating your sunflower Christmas tree, you can use ornaments that matches your color pallet on the tree to make it more blended in the room.

If you are going to have some kids on the Christmas day, you may consider decorating your sunflower Christmas tree with gummy candies, ribbon candies, and some sweet classic style candies wrapped in silver or golden tin foils. Only use candles that can stay on the Sunflower tree for few days, possibly the ones that people can eat right off the tree without having any hassle.

Pom Pom on Sunflower Christmas Tree

You can use colorful pom pom relevant to your Christmas room color pallet for adding a bright touch to the room decoration on Christmas. Or you can add ombre gradients by hanging colored jingle bells on your sunflower themed Christmas tree.

If you do not want to overload your sunflower themed Christmas tree, you might want to have at least some wreaths on it for adding delights of the day. Some wreaths and garlands can make your tree look bright and beautiful.

Though traditional holiday color is red, people normally use red Christmas ornaments and tree toppers, however, there are more colors such as violet and plums that could be added on the sunflower Christmas tree for bringing out its beauty.

Non-traditional ornaments on Sunflower themed Christmas tree

You can make your Christmas room decoration stand out more by\ decorating your sunflower themed Christmas tree with non-traditional ornaments such as glittery silver and gold paper, the sheen of the papers will add more festive look to the Christmas tree.

Use burlaps, pinecones, shiplaps, big bulbs, beautiful string lights and ribbon wraps all over the sunflower themed Christmas tree to add more to its vibrancy.

Some artcraft websites such as Etsy and ebay are selling Vintage themed ornaments that could help you add a glam look to your tree.

Using different colors on your sunflower Christmas tree would give it a pop of unique colors. Feel free to add red framed ornaments and accessories on it.

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