Victorian Style Furniture Turns Room into Royal Space

Victorian style furniture characteristics blue living room sofa

We all want to live Royal life once at least. Therefore, we get inspired from Victorian style furniture that brings the royal appeal to any room. You can buy this furniture for your bedroom, living room and even dining room. Manufacturers of this furniture make sure that they pick those colors and fabrics which maintain the real Royal touch of Victorian Furniture. Today, I would like to share my own inspirational collection of Victorian theme furniture sets for bedroom and living room. Let’s take an entry into Luxury furniture world.

Victorian Style Furniture Characteristic

When you visit the market, you can find a wide variety of furniture themes and styles. So, I would like to share the main characteristics which help you make a difference between Victorian and other styles  of furniture.

Texture and Pattern

Victorian furniture always have intricate embellishments, carvings and patterns. Curves and lines are so common in the overall style. Angular shapes with the carvings help you distinguish a Victorian furniture piece from a standard furniture. You can see curved modling, decorative friezes and curvy lines in the overall design.


Expensive woods are used to manufacture this furniture. The most common woods are walnut, rosewood and mahogany. But when you have low budget and you need the same style furniture for your home then you can go with replica design which are usually made of stained cherry shade and dark brown. When budget is low, you can make a search of used Victorian furniture for sale. This search will help you locate the best designs at a price you can afford.


In order to bring luxury appeal to Victorian style furniture, m

anufacturer always pick expensive fabric for this furniture items. The most common fabric they use are velvet, heavy brocades, damasks, and needlepoint in vibrant colors. Floral pattern fabric is used most of the time, just to match your furniture with your floral wallpaper.  The back of the chair and sofa is usually tufted with diamond patterns.

Victorian Style bedroom furniture

It is suggested to buy a set that comprises of a bed, side table and dresser. You can find both side and corner dressers with the set. Just like other furniture items, bed headboard and dressers would have intricate patterns, embellishments, tussles, fancy framing, floral patterns,etc.

Victorian Style Living room Furniture

You will see the size of the living room sofa is bigger than standard size sofa. The main reason is to offer more seating space and give an impact of wealthy status of homeowners. Upholstery usually have gold and metallic shade framings. You can see intricate lines and curves on the frames. Even legs of accent chairs and sofa have some dust catching carving.  Hand-made carving is often done just to get the perfect look of Victorian Era  furniture.


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