Vintage Alarm Clocks-Cute Retro and Antique Alarm Clocks Ideas

Altered vintage alarm clocks with birds

Vintage Alarm Clocks could be a great treasure for those who have interest in retro, vintage, and antique accessories. Clocks are one of the most creative inventions from the past, this simple ticking machine is a great tool which helps us to measure the time and keep the track of our daily tasks.


Vintage alarm clocks are the oldest inventions, they are special in design, layout and structure because they were designed long ago by people who might not be alive today. Alarms and clocks which are designed today would be vintage for people in 2050 and so on. Anyone who has a thing for retro alarm clocks knows it well that making a great collection of old time clocks, jewelry, and accessories is a truly self satisfying habit. It is really hard to find vintage and antique alarm clocks in good condition these days though, there are still some shops which are selling good retro alarm clocks for a fair price. Retro clocks were designed with floral accents on the dials, metallic clock pins, and embossed craftsman work on the exterior layout of the clock. These designs can never be compared with the clocks being designed today, because what we have today is more contemporary in style rather than artistic.

Vintage alarm clocks are often mechanical in design with old style dial and pins telling the time. The time glass version with sand with obsolete, it is on the market though, it is not in trend anymore.  For beautifying the interior of the room, vintage accessories can be sought off. For example, in living room or bedroom a vintage alarm clock having metallic layout could be a nice table decoration centerpiece. When paired with flowers, some Victorian table centerpieces, and glass vases, a retro alarm clock will definitely make a lasting stating in the room.

Altered vintage and antique alarm clocks are quite popular among those who have a habit of creating of small museums of historical items in their homes and rooms. There is no mentioning that antique alarm clocks and accessories have their secret beauty which can really improvise the interior of room where they are placed. They can be good for the rooms where you have hung big antique wall paintings.

Modifications are done on the design of vintage looking alarm clocks for beautifying their beauty, in alterned versions rhinesones, swarovksi, handmade metallic artwork, flowers, lace work and crafts are done on the vintage alarm clocks so they could look and feel better.

Some basic accents which you will find on retro alarm clocks are floral patterns, natural scenery, Victorian paintings, English women, animation of jewelry, and some pastel drawings.

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