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Wall Mounted Coat Rack Ideas

Modern style coat rack stands, coat rack shelves, and wall coat racks are way more functional than those of our grandparents’ were.  The traditional style coat stand in dark cherry wood with few hooks here and there is not cutting anymore because now there are better ways for hanging the coat in the room, which adds value to the room aesthetic.

Wall mounted coat racks are the best way to hang and hook the coat in the room. Some of the coat racks are so much decorative, they add beauty to the interior besides just being functional for the users.  Wall mount coat rack come in different styles, shapes, and sizes these days depending on your personal requirement. If you have a habit of hanging your shawls and coat just after entering the home, you should consider an entryway storage bench with coat rack. It can be placed near the entrance, not only can you store your shoes in it but also store other items and hang your coat after entering the home and take it on before leaving the home.

Some modern style storage bench comes with separate wall mounted coat rack systems, the shelving area which has hooks are mounted separated on the wall and it is not attached to the part of the bench. Though this wall mounted coat rack unit comes with the bench, it’s same in the design and in the color but is installed separately on the wall.

Wooden coat racks are the best ones to have for your home, they come with metal hooks though or wooden pegs that hold the coats but base of the rack is either cherry wood or cedar wood. These racks look very compact and unique when installed in the room.  You might be wondering as what is the best place to install the wooden coat racks but in one way or other they are traditional in their look, you can install them in the bedroom or in the area which is attached to the formal living room or the entrance.   When you pick up wall mount coat racks, make sure to choose the ones which have sturdy hooks, preferably made of metal, because wood hooks may not put up with the weight of heavy leather coats and jackets as the metal ones can. The coat rack can be small or large in the size, however, it should not be installed in the area where you attend guests because it does not make a good impression to show your hanging clothing items to the guests.

The purpose of mounting a coat rack to the wall is to keep the area free of clutter and clothing items.  Not only should you hang your coat but also other clothing items such as sweatshirts, shawls, jackets,scarves, hats, handbags,and mufflers.  You can hang anything on the  coat rack hooks to keep your rooms organized.



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Wooden Coat Rack Stands Wall Mounted

Wooden coat rack stands wall mounted

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Wall Mounted Wooden Coat Rack

Wall mounted wooden coat rack

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Wall Mounted Coat Rack Wooden Artworks Metal Hooks

Wall mounted coat rack wooden artworks metal hooks

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