Wall Mounted Fruit Baskets for Storing Fruits Smartly

Wall mounted fruit baskets and fruit storage racks (7)

It does not matter whether you have just few pieces or dozens of fruits in home, you can always store them and organize them using wall mounted fruit baskets. Fruit baskets will add more art to the interior of the kitchen designs because they look aesthetic themselves when mounted anywhere else on the wall near the fridge or sink area.

Good thing about wall mounted fruit baskets or hanging fruit baskets is that your fruits do not rot easily because they get natural air without your having to put them near the window area. A lot of us know that keeping the fruits in the fridge is not a good way because some fruits have a scent which spreads around to the milk and other dairy items when placed in the fridge. To keep your oranges, apples, mangoes, melons and banana fresh for a long time, they should be store in wall mounted fruit baskets only because they get the air they need to remain fresh for a good time period.

Hanging fruit baskets or wall mounted fruit baskets come in a variety of colors, material and style these days. Some have three levels or more to help with the storage of dozens of fruits. You can put fruits in section in one level, for example, for storing the bananas, you can take the upper level of your wall mounted fruit basket. Put and store apple in the second level and oranges in the third one and so on.

Common materials that you can find in wall hanging or wall mounted fruit baskets are wicker, wooden, cast iron and net. The most contemporary style is the wooden one, it adds rustic charm to the kitchen. Besides storing fruits, you can also use fruit baskets for storing your vegetables, particularly those vegetables which lose their beauty inside the fridge.  Not only can you use the baskets in your home but also give them as souvenir and gifts to your friends who want a good fruit storage feature for their kitchen.

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