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Black And White Wall Mounted Bookshelves

19 Modern Wall Shelves for Books Design Ideas

Wall shelves for books must be designed with beauty and grace. The charm factor of your walls is quite dependent on the wall shelving system. If you grab a beautiful system then look of your wall becomes perfect. Today I would like to share some designs ideas of shelvings for walls in homes for you. Let’s check out.

Wood Wall Bookshelves

You can add a touch of classic beauty on your walls when you buy wood wall mounted shelving systems. When it comes to decoration, you can use books with different colors. If you don’t like the color of your wood, you have a choice to paint it with a color of your desire. Wood shelving wall always look quite appealing.

Hanging Wall bookcase

This is another design you can try to make your wall shelves for books very attractive. You can decorate these walls shelves for books not only with the books but also small decorative pieces. Don’t buy expensive items. You should buy wall shelves decoration accessories from dollar stores. This way, you can save money and also do perfect room interior.

Wall Mounted Adjustable shelving system

Instead of buying a fixed shelving system, you should prefer an adjusting one. Latter option make it possible for you to design your shelve in a way you like.

Colored Shelving system

These days, you have countless options when it comes to selecting modern wall shelves for books. If you don’t like old and wooden wall shelves then you definitely modern style. Such shelves are available in varied colors and designs. You can find one color such as black, green, blue,etc or a color combination such as black-white, red-white, red-black,etc.

It clearly means that you can match wall art theme with the overall theme of your room. If you have white bedroom then you may like to set white-black wall mounted shelving system.

Don’t forget to explore a gallery of wall shelves for books picture gallery to get some more design ideas you can try.


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Wooden Bookshelves Designs

Wooden bookshelves designs

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Wood Wall Bookshelves Designs

Wood wall bookshelves designs

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White Modern Wall Mounted Bookshelves Home Depot

White modern wall mounted bookshelves home depot

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Wood wall bookshelves designs.
White modern wall mounted bookshelves home depot.

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