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Painted Grey And Brown Wood Kitchen Backsplash Modern

Wood Backsplashes Add Rustic Touch to Kitchen

Wood backsplashes are not commonly used in a kitchen. So,when you want to do unique kitchen makeover then wooden tiles would help you do this job in a simple manner.  Here are some points that help you do this makeover in the perfect manner.

Don’t match Backsplash with wood cabinets

So, you have some wooden cabinets in your kitchen. Now one thing which you shouldn’t do is the matching of your wooden backsplash with that of your cabinets. For example, if you have cherry kitchen cabinets, you don’t need to install cherry backsplashes in your kitchen. This matching is not good and indeed a bad idea. You install a backsplash, just to let your countertops and cabinets standout. If you do perfect matching then theme will look so boring. Therefore, it is suggested to make a contrast.

Rustic Look to Modern Kitchen

If you are a person who doesn’t mind rustic plus modern appeal in a kitchen then wood backsplash installation is the best idea for you. This way, you will get a modern plus rustic kitchen look which would be super amazing. When you have modular kitchen cabinets , then wood tile backsplash would make a great compliment.

Try Dark Shades

Make sure that you give a preference to dark shades of backsplashes instead of light one. Dark colors can easily hide dust and stains but if you have some sort of food or water splash then light color won’t hide it at all. The beauty of your kitchen will be badly affected. This is what you really don’t like. Isn’t it? Therefore, you should prefer dark wooden tiles over light one for backsplash.

Reclaimed or Recycled Wood Backsplashes

Want to save money on kitchen remodeling? It is suggested to pick either recycled or reclaimed version of kitchen backsplash tile. Both options will cut the cost to half and you will get a backsplash that is strong and durable. Stained wood tile option is also available but you have to spend a little more money for wood staining process.

How to do cleaning?

Whenever you are going to buy a backsplash, you want to know whether it is easy to clean the tile or not. Wooden tiles are usually coated with No VOC ceramic. This coating makes both cleaning and maintenance jobs very simple. You can use dishwasher soap to clean your tile. Mix warm water and dishwasher soup, soak a cotton cloth in this mixture and now you can do cleaning with the cloth. So, simple.

So, what you need more? Amplify beauty of your kitchen interior with wood backsplashes.

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