Many people ask us why we have specialised in our particular field – providing cleaning and home maintenance services for single people. For starters, very few (if any) London cleaning contractors do – they do not see any difference between single people and families. With all due respect, we cannot agree. There are specific features that make cleaning for bachelors and single ladies unique. Once you recognise and turn them to your advantage, you become infinitely more effective and productive in your job.

How Did The Idea For Homespad Come About?

A group of like-minded professionals with extensive experience in the cleaning industry noticed a discernible pattern in their contacts with London customers. Couples or families with children had a different approach to hiring a cleaner compared to single people. The latter were far more concrete in their requirements and demanded much greater accuracy as far as timing and scheduling were concerned. They were usually young professionals in their late twenties and early thirties with thriving careers, who did not have a minute to waste – and expected the same attitude from people they hired for a specific job.

We soon realised that the contractors we worked for did not see that obvious difference – or rather, they did not care about it. “Single-person” households would often get branded as “difficult” or “too demanding” – and they were neither. 

Our observation led to an idea, and the idea – to decide to found our own company, specially dedicated to bringing reliable cleaning help for single people. 

Why Is Cleaning For Single People Different?

Let me give you two quick examples. A housewife with two toddlers who books a regular house cleaner would be all about sanitising and dust removal. In this case, the goal would be to make the rooms as health-safe as possible, while you can overlook specific other details. No single person would care about such stuff – or at least I haven’t met one. 

On the other hand, families are far more accomodating when it comes to scheduling. You are stuck in a traffic jam and run the risk of being fifteen minutes late – no problem, we will just postpone taking the kids out until you arrive. Try the same approach with a bachelor who works in an investment bank in the City and see what happens. 

We Do Not Plan To Slow Down

Some of our former colleagues laughed when we first mentioned the idea and derided it out of hand as impractical. The last laugh, however, is for us. We not only survived but have thrived – even during 2020. We plan to include new services in our already impressive portfolio and extend our coverage beyond the limits of Greater London.