Who am I ?I am an internet surfer and enthusiastic writer and researcher.I started my writing career back in 2009 when I was in school, It all began with a simple research on the environment pollution, we were assigned a task to write about some important factors about the elements which were changing the quality of the air in the big cities. It required extensive research and writing, that project got me involved with the writing assignments and eventually turned me into a theory writer.

I had always wanted to be an interior designer, we had a small four bedroom apartment three years ago which demands a lot of attentions_not particularly on the designing part, but also in the renovation  part.I did not have billions to decorate the home though I managed to decorate it in contemporary style and the only source of research for me then was Google, I would research for the projects in steps and get some ideas from the websites, would read some articles on how to decorate small rooms and how to do interior on a budget. Some articles were really helpful, I was able to decorate three rooms in one month and that did not take much of considerations because I was getting ideas from online resource. Since that day I had dreamed about starting my blog on interior designing and decorating ideas. I am also contributing to real time designing projects, I make 3d layouts for big firms and residential apartments in the area, I also have couple of clients who hire me on and off for the decoration projects. If you are into real estate then renovation is something that you need to be skilled at or else you don’t get the price for the property you ask for.

I rarely get the time to write for the blog but whenever I write, I make sure I am sharing something that can be useful for the readers.Besides  writing blogs and doing interior designing projects, I cook for my friends in free time. Just like any other person I am a food lover,I love cheese, pasta and chicken. Sometimes I just do experiments with the dishes; my mother makes few ingredients available for me or else I find random ones in the fridge , then I just do what any food lover can possibly do, mix the ingredient and create something that has never been cooked before by anyone ever, but it turns out to be delicious by luck.Hehe

I think I have given enough introduction of myself now. Well if you want to contact me regarding any post on this blog  or if you want to ask anything regarding interior design and renovation you can shoot me an email at admin@alicorndesign.com

Have fun out there!


Hina Liaqat