Domestic Cleaning Before and After Inviting Guests

Domestic Cleaning Before and After Inviting Guests

Whatever the case may be, you can invite your friends, colleagues or relatives at your place to have a great time. To do so, you want to have a clean and spotless home before the guests arrive as well as after they leave. Here you will learn how to cope with domestic cleaning effectively. It is necessary to have cleansed rooms before and after the gathering of family and friends. 

How to Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Since the global crisis has started spreading, there is a focus on cleaning surfaces well. This must be done much more efficiently than before. It needs to be performed up to greater standards to remove pollutants and viruses. Simply mopping and dusting here and there won’t do the work any more. After all, the elderly and the rest of your relative and friend guests want to feel safe after the long isolation. 

The presented below procedures you must repeat after your guests have left as well. Different viruses and bacteria can be eliminated with different detergents. These can stay on some surfaces less or more time. Yet, some disinfecting substances can be used universally. The following ones are such and will eliminate all kinds of germs and dirt:

  • Hydrogen peroxide – you can use a 3% solution of it filled in a spray bottle to spread on high-traffic surfaces. Apply on furniture, counters and shelves;
  • Bleach – use a solution of bleach dissolved in water in a spray bottle. Use it to sterilise the bathroom fixtures and floors in your home;
  • 60-70% alcohol-based disinfectant – Use it for spraying and wiping frequently touched surfaces. You can apply the disinfectant with a spray bottle on handles, fittings, fixtures and the like. As you probably know, alcohol is very suitable for protecting against viral cross-contamination;
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After supplying and preparing the mentioned above cleaning substances, you can start the actual work. Following these guidelines:

  1. Before starting the cleaning process, always dust the surfaces. This will get rid them rid of larger particles and allergens. Scrub them with warm water, soap solution and a cloth. Alternatively you can use specially designated for dust products.
  2. Then, spray with any of the mentioned above disinfectants. Make sure you hold the bottle 15-20 centimetres away from the area you plan to clean. Spread a light mist onto the surface.
  3. When you use a bleach solution, make sure that the room is properly ventilated.
  4. Use alcohol disinfectant for metallic surfaces such as keys and door handles. Applying hydrogen peroxide detergent makes metallic parts lighter, so avoid this. 

Sanitise Your Kitchen Well Before the Guests Arrive

An important part of the domestic cleaning is sanitising the kitchen. You should do it regularly. The following surfaces you should clean every day before and after use:

  • Countertops – clean with a detergent, warm water and a cloth. Then disinfect with a cleaning solution;
  • Utensils and cutlery – place all silverware and cutlery in boiling water. Sterilise them for 10 minutes at the most. Then, do the same for pots and pans. In the end, you can wash them in the washing machine;
  • Cutting boards – wash them thoroughly with hot water and dish cleaning solution. This is applicable for both wooden and plastic boards;
  • Sanitise appliances – get your oven, cooker, microwave, fridge and kitchen appliances wiped clean. Use suitable detergents;
  • Sink – after plugging the drain, fill the sink with warm water and add the presented above chlorine bleach. Let the solution do its magic for a couple of minutes, during which you can sanitise faucets and handles.
  • Frequently touched kitchen surfaces – cleanse all surfaces of fixtures, window sills and handles. Sanitise kitchen cupboards and storage units. Clean the kitchen furniture and areas using a cloth dipped in detergent.
  • The kitchen floor – vacuum and wash it with a mop and bleach solution. Ask your guests kindly to take off their shoes before entering. 
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Bathroom Disinfection

Bathrooms are places where bacteria and mould accumulate. This is true especially when not cleaned and ventilated well and regularly. This is due to the wet and high humidity conditions it creates when used. To make sure you get it disinfected before and after the visit of your guests, use a cleaning detergent. Spray the sink, faucet and taps, shower cabin and tub. Pay special attention to the toilet cleansing its exterior. In the end, pour a generous amount of toilet bowl disinfectant in the bowl and sterilise the toilet brush. 

Sterilise the bathroom floor with a bleach solution reaching all areas. Replace the bath towels for the guests. Clean and disinfect other high-touch areas including handles, bathroom accessories and such. Use an alcohol-based disinfectant and a cleaning cloth. 

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Clean Properly the Living and Dining Room

The living room is the place where you will welcome your guests, so it must get a proper cleaning. Make sure you wash and wipe the windows and mirrors as you usually do. Then, dust and polish the hard surfaces of furniture and electronics. When doing the latter, adhere to their instructions for maintenance. For example, LED and LCD screens need cleaning with specialised detergents. Use a soft clean microfibre cloth for them. Vacuum clean the upholstery, rugs carpets, mop the floor. 

Domestic cleaning is time-consuming and tiresome work. Yet, it is necessary for the sake of your and others’ health. You can learn how to do it properly with more practice. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to deal with it, you can always use professional services when you need them.